We make local deliveries to South Walton County daily. We accept cash and check payments. If there is any problem supplying your order due to growing conditions or season, we will contact you as soon as possible. Thank you for your business!

Micro Greens available by special request. Please call (850)259-9380 or email us to place an order for these items.

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How We Grow

Hydroponics literally translates from Latin to “water labor”, meaning the water is working to bring the nutrients to the plant as opposed to the soil. This growing method has been employed for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians several hundred years B.C. It is simply a means to grow in areas where the soil is not suitable or there are space restrictions. It also eliminates the need for massive pesticide use, considering most pests live in the soil, allowing for cleaner air, water and food.

At Mac Farms, the nutrients are direct fed to the plant via a drip irrigation system into pots filled with coconut core fiber and perlite. Our system is open air, not in an enclosed greenhouse. We use biologicals for pest control and all organic, natural oil sprays only when necessary. Our produce is naturally-grown and great-tasting!

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