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Who We Are

Mac Farms Florida is more than just produce. It's a way of life that we strive daily to achieve.

We believe in the idea of sustainability, and our responsibility to future generations. We also believe in the joy that eating food that is not only delicious, but also nutritious and free from pesticides, unnecessary chemicals, or processing. It is our goal to always be an integral part of our local chef driven community, but also good stewards to the environment in the process of bringing food love to the table.

Mona McGee grew up in the North Alabama area and is the Operations Manager for an IT company by day, but she's the heart and soul of our core belief and love of what we do here at Mac Farms. She'd tell me not to write that, but hopefully she won't catch this paragraph. She leads by example, and does not believe in cutting corners. In addition to all that she's accomplished, she has a long-standing love with growing and cultivating that goes back to her childhood.

Wesley McGee is also from North Alabama area and has an electrical engineering background and has worked in the metalworking industries as well as many other industrial settings. His expertise and patience are the backbone of our operation. He ensures that everything is running smoothly, and getting the right levels of nutrients. His knowledge and tenacity ensure that we are living up to our mission to be a sustainable source of quality foods.

Sophie Marshall is from Komárom, Hungary and has lived here in the United States for almost 6 years. Her experiences on her family vineyard were the perfect training grounds for her love of farming and level of expertise. She has said that she gets to live and work in paradise. She is very passionate about good, quality and healthy foods and it shows in her work.

Our Team

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Whats New

Tomato Season is UPON US!!!

They are going in NOW! As they grow we will post to social media and keep you up to date!!!

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