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Micro Greens available by special request. Please call (850)259-9380 or email us to place an order for these items.

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Heirloom varietal, lobed green leaves with pleasant spicy flavor.

Seed origins: France

Spring Mix

A potpourri of color, shape, taste, and texture, our spring mix includes an assortment of up to 20 varieties of lettuce, there are no mustards or other spicy leaves in this mix.

Seed origins: Global


Heirloom varietal, thick green leaves can be eaten fresh or any other way you like.

Seed origins: New Mexico


Edible flowers are perfect for adding color and flavor, but they have been known to dispel melancholy and induce euphoria as well as many other health benefits.

Seed origins: Varied


Heirloom, this winter herb boasts lacy leaves, a sweet smell with a hint of licorice.  Ideal blending herb for soups but also can be tossed into omelets, salads or use alone as a beautiful garnish.

Seed origins: Belgium


Flat leaf varietal has larger leaves than standard strains, more concentrated flavor, with an excellent shelf life that can be easily dried.

Seed origins: Italy

Heirloom Tomatoes

Consist of a mix of the following Black Russian, Brandywine, Carnival, Flamme, Oaxacan Jewel and Waynes Creole.

Olive Oil

Sourced from California, this oil is like none other as the trees were actually purchased in Italy and transported to the San Joaquin Valley. The 4 classic species of olives are present in this blend: Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino, and Pendolino.

Mesclun Mix

This mix has a little something extra. We take our standard Spring Mix then add arugula and three varieties of mustards; Osaka Purple, Mizuna & Green Wave. Salad with a kick.

Seed origins: Global

Micro Greens

Specialty item for the devout, requires 3 weeks notice prior to order: arugula or mix

Seed origins: Global


Heirloom variety, large green aromatic leaves sport a distinct sweet flavor.

Seed origins: Italy

Greek Oregano

Thick, dark green leaves w/ a purple underside contain a robust flavor that is unmistakable. This specie can also be steeped in hot water to make a wonderful tea that has numerous medicinal benefits.

Seed origins: Greece

Fingerling Potatoes

Heirloom varieties include: Russians - yellowish white fleshed, French - also an off white but possess an inner red strip and Peruvian - an iridescent, Jimmy Hendrix purple.

Seed origins: Russia, France, Peru

Black Russian

This dark red fruit with greenish/purple shoulders has a bold, distinct flavor with a crisp acidic bite… a real tomato!

Seed origins: Ukraine

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This large reddish pink tomato is slightly pursed on top and round below; it has a sweet flavorful front with an acidic finish… the classic tomato.

Seed origins: California

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This mahogany red tomato has yellow and green stripes running vertically through the fruit which not only make it exceptionally pleasing visually but the taste is a medley of sweets and acids. As memorable as Mardi Gras!

Seed origins: California

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This large, meaty, pursed fruit is yellow with red and orange streaks throughout. This tomato has a rich sweet flavor with mild hints of acid. Incredibly unique and delicious.

Seed origins: West Virginia

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Oaxacan Jewel

This large golden tomato sports brilliant red bursts that begin at the base and radiate upwards. There are noticeable sugars in this tomato that are well balanced and quite aromatic.

Seed origins: Mexico

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Waynes Creole

This large, red, juicy tomato has pleats running from top to bottom and an unmistakable flavor with just the right amount of acid. Wayne’s Creole is the prize of the Gulf Coast and simply unforgettable!

Seed origins: Chalmette, LA

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